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Laptop Reball Procedure

Laptop Motherboards Refurbished Service London Flux Laptop GPU Reballing London Lead Free Solder Crack Fix London

Motherboard stripped from the laptop and undergoes preheating procedure.

Chip lifted using high quality flux at 219C Lead Free Solder melting point.

Old low quality solder is cleaned from the motherboard using high quality flux.

GPU Rework IC Research Laboratory London High Quality Solvent Cleaning Laptop London Reballed GPU Lead Solder London

Extensive research provides us with advanced soldering techniques.

Due to chip being exposed to high heat solder becomes prone to cracking.

Only high quality agents and solvents are used to clean electronic components.

Reballing GPU in London nVidia Court Case due to overheating Laboratory Level Repairs in South London

The chip is then reballed using high quality solder and selection of fluxes.

Once reballed nVidia chip soldered back onto the motherboard.

We operate only high standards equipment in our laboratory.

Clogged airflow, dust inside the laptop Thermal copper pads installed, cleaning provided for laptops in London Reballing Successful in London

Clogged air vents stop sufficient air flow and overheats the laptop.

The whole laptop is cleaned and adjusted to prevent overheating.

And Voilą! It's alive...

What problems can it resolve?

Reballing will help to resolve issued like Artifacts, Display Freezes, No Video Issues, Overheating. This is the only permanent fix for HP, Compaq, Sony, Toshiba Laptop so get it done professionally by us.

How much does it cost?

The price for graphics chip repair is £79.99. This includes taking the laptop to remove the motherboard, professional component and airflow system cleaning, removing Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) chipset, reballing it using high quality solder and soldering it back onto the board, assembling the laptop with thermal modifications to prevent overheating and testing the laptop to make sure the repair is successful and efficient.
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